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With Atlas, you don’t have to be an RE pro to cash flow more and work less.

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The Atlas MF Guys are apartment investors sharing everything they know and building a passionate community of wealth builders.

(Wo)men who are satisfied with making $105k a year will not be interested in this announcement.

Forging ahead with
Community and Cashflow 

Couch Cashflow

Many money men (say that fast 5x) cringe at the thought of getting their hands dirty. Not us, we live and breath to do whatever it takes to keep our API members happy and wealthy.

No Headaches

Gone are the days of going back and forth with your investment advisors.
We consistently communicate with you, which saves you time and headaches.

The Real Deal

We don’t fluff our numbers to make a deal work. We serve our investors with real deal opportunities. No speculations here. Just defensible facts.

Atlas Passive Investing (API) Toolkit

Passive real estate investing 101

Industry terms, tips, and strategies...

We reveal everything you should know about apartment investing from the basic terminology to real life case studies.

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Get the guts to pull the trigger

Mindset, real estate, and economics...and a little bit about freedom

Listen to the most diverse commercial real estate podcast where we pull back the kimono on what it takes to be successful.

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Deals in Review

Review our investment track record...

Getting down to the brass tacks, get familiar with our investments. Hear what Atlas Passive Investors (API) are saying and see what they're earning.

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Cashflow to Freedom Calculator

What does it take to achieve financial freedom?

We provide you with an easy-to-implement financial calculator to help you get closer to your financial goals.

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Step 5

Launch the Couch Cashflow Challenge

It's never been easier to get started...

Turn up your money-making power from the safety of your home! WARNING: You must throw out all the rules that small, safe men live by everyday.

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Let us emphasize right here that you don't need "big money"
to use the same techniques as the super rich.

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Couch Cashflow Challenge

These smart money men create opportunity as their stock in trade! They see money-making potential in cities that ordinary people are fighting to get out of!

This challenge gives you the simple techniques that spotlight the hidden values of long-term wealth.

Once you learn them, you will never see an apartment building again without an electric sense of opportunity!

time wealth
financial freedom
million dollar mindset

Do you have the courage to cash flow thousands of dollars a year? 

The API club is a private club. It is meant for the most tremendously ambitious (wo)man who agree with these next 3 statements...

It is meant for the kind of man who has a relentless desire to earn more money in a single year than most of their friends will earn in their entire lifetime.

It is meant for the kind of man who has enough raw faith in himself to believe, today, that tomorrow he may actually be able to take home hundreds of thousands a year -- once he has been shown the best techniques of producing this kind of money passively.

And finally, it is meant only for the man who is willing to make the sacrifices that this kind of income demands. Who is willing to take the leap...endure the tensions...Join the comrades.

Do you have the courage to reach out for this kind of life? To accept its incredible rewards and limitless upside?

If you don't, consider yourself lucky and close the tab- there is nothing left on this page that will make any sense to you.

If you do, join us for the Couch Cashflow Challenge to see if you have what it takes.

Meet your Atlas thought leaders Eli, Nathan, and Chris.

Meet the team that cares about your goals

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan

Eli lives for getting to know our API members, Atlas marketing guru, fitness extraordinaire with a guilty pleasure for chicken nuggies and chocolate froyo on property tours. #ENDTHEFED

Portrait photo of co-founder Adam

Nathan provides direction for Atlas' future investments, our partners, vendors, and ensures all project logistics are tracked. He's built a pretty badass podcast studio for Atlas as well.

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan

Chris oversees property acquisitions, construction planning, and asset management. He loves freedom 🦅, listening to Rock, and eating fajitas. This guy makes everything look easy.

Frequently asked questions

What is a passive Investor or LP? How do I receive cash flow from real estate syndications?

Passive investor: Exactly what it sounds like -- you are in a passive, not active, role for a deal. 

You pick an active operating team who's job is to source the deal, close the deal, and run the business plan to generate the cashflow returns for limited partners/passive investors. 

A passive investor is one of the best positions to be in as an investor. 

Syndication: A function of pooling resources to cover the needed equity to execute on a business plan for the given project the bank does not cover. 

The bank will typically cover between 60-80% of the costs to both, acquire the asset and to cover capital expenditure.  

4 Steps to receive cash flow from real estate syndications:

1. Pick the operating team you trust
2. Fund the deal
3. Monitor the deal through the monthly updates 
4. Collect your cashflow 

* Review your private placement memorandum (PPM) which will have when distributions can be expected. Always remember that nothing is guaranteed in any investment. 

Do I have to be accredited to invest in these opportunities? Am I accredited?

The SEC has defined guidelines to identity whether an investor is accredited or sophisticated. The intention is to protect the investor from predatory practices.

Depending on which exemption the operator is using for the private placement will determine if you have to be accredited or not. 506c offering will require you to be accredited. 506b offering, the operator can take up to 35 "sophisticated"/non-accredited investors if a pre-existing relationship exist. 

Accredited Investor: Someone who has made 200K (300K filing jointly) for the past two years with the expectation that will continue to be the case for the remaining calendar year. You can also qualify if your or your joint net worth is 1 million NOT including your primary residence. 

*Atlas is not an attorney. Any information shared does not constitute legal advice. Please consult your attorney with any questions surround this topic or the PPM documents. 

What are the 3 most important things to know before investing?

The deal is NOT the most important thing to consider before investing, contrary to popular belief.

Here at Atlas we believe that you should consider in this order:

1. The People - The people make or break the implementation of the business plan and its success.
2. The Processes - Do the people have processes in place to sustain and scale? Or are they constantly putting out fires.
3. The Deal - Lastly, the deal, IS IT ACTUALLY a DEAL? Are their assumptions that are not set in reality.

*All underwriting is subject to calculated assumptions. This is unavoidable. Data Points, Risk Mitigation, and defensible assumptions are all critical but the order of People, Process and Deal matters most. 

What is the API Club?

Atlas Passive Investor Club is a social group of like minded investors.

On API-CLUB you will find additional resources and information about generating cashflow. 

The intention of API-CLUB is to get you ready to invest in multifamily/commercial RE as soon as possible. Often investors will have some practical road block to investing, such as, sourcing the funds to invest, limiting beliefs, or miss information about the asset class.

Our goal is to enable you to start building your cashflow so you can achieve your financial goals. 

Come join API-CLUB and meet your tribe. Let's get it done.

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